"We unlock safes when the combination has been lost, forgotten or malfunctioned. Opening and repairing safes is our specialty. Over the years we have opened thousands of safes with keypads and dials. We service commercial and residential safes."  Gun safes and home safes seem to be a weekly call for us.


We stock new safe locks and will install them for you if yours has malfunctioned. Safe brands like Cannon, Stack-On, Amsec, Winchester, Guardall, Champion, Red Head, Liberty, Cabela's, Hollon are no probelm for our safe specialists.

All safes will have some type of security lock on it, some use locks and keys. Depending on the type of lock you have it may need to drilled to get it opened and repaired afterward. Most of the time we can open keypad locks without drilling, which is better for you and less expensive.

What Does It Mean To Drill Open A Safe?

If we need to drill we will do our best to only drill under the dial ring which will be easy to repair and never show any visible blemish or repair. We will remove the dial with a puller, then remove the dial ring. Next we will drill a small hole into the lock case.

Then we will use a scope to see inside and slowly dial the combination while watching the combination wheels turn to the open position.

What if I have a dial on my safe and I want a keypad instead?

This happens all the time, dials give many customers problems when trying to get their safe open. In most cases we can retrofit a new keypad in the same place your dial is, without making any new holes. All safes have the same purpose, to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. So if a keypad will make it easier for you then that is what you should use.

Safe Opening Locksmith 

We have over 50 combined years as professional safe opening locksmiths. There are many different safe dials and electronic keypads used to open the safe. We have dealt with them all over the years. Here are some of the more popular safe lock dial brand names we are familiar with:

  • Sargent & Greenleaf

  • Lagard

  • Ilco

  • Big Red

  • Sentry

  • Stack-On

Each safe dial lock comes with different models, colors, finishes, ratings and features. Some have three numbers in the combination and some have four.

Electronic Key Pads

With the invention of electronic keypads it almost seems as if the old dial locks are becoming replaced and thrown away. There are several great keypads used for opening locked safes. We recommend only using:

  • Amsec ESL10

  • Lagard Basic 

  • S&G

  • Securam

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Happy Safe Customers

"They opened my Champion gun safe without even needing to drill into it. He hooked a machine up to my keypad and a few minutes later the door swung open. Great safe opening services."


Nevember 23, 2019

"My Father past away during the pandemic and we needed to open his safe to get his will and life insurance papers, this safe opening company had it open and repaired in a few hours."


June 26, 2020

"My safe came with a dial on it and had a really hard time getting it to work. I had Liberty Locksmith come and install a new keypad on my safe. I am very happy now."


July 02, 2020


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Local Safe Opening Locksmith Questions

I bought a locked safe at an auction, it has a combination dial locking mechanism on it with no combination available. Is there a professional locksmith in League City that offers safe services?

Liberty Lock Shop has highly trained safe locksmiths that can open and repair your safe easily. Pricing would depend on the type of safe you have. You can always text pictures to 281-334-7233 to find out.

I have a gun safe with a dial on the front. It is getting harder to get the dial to work, can I put an electronic safe key pad on it?

In most cases we can retrofit a new electronic keypad on your gun safe. You really need a safe locksmith for this kind of work. You do not want an automotive locksmith to work on your safe, just because they open cars, does not mean they are qualified to work on your safe.

I have lost my safe combination, where can I find a gun safe opening locksmith near me? I am in League City Texas.

Our locksmith service can open your gun safe easily. We have opened thousands of gun safes in the greater Clear Lake Houston area. Our gun safe opening service has opened and repaired safes like Cannon, Winchester, Liberty, Cabelas, Red Head, Amsec, Guardall and many others.

Someone broke in my house, then tried to open my safe vault, the vault door is now messed up badly. What can be done now?

We offer safe repairs, installation and servicing. This does happen quite often either by burglars or vandalism. Safe doors can be repaired and painted. New safe locks can also be installed by our commercial locksmiths.

I bough a safe and have no way to get it to my house, do locksmiths move and bolt down safes?

We sure do. If you are in the Clear Lake Houston area we can help. Send us a picture of the safe and specs and we will get you pricing.

At Liberty Lock Shop our customers are always our first priority, we appreciate each and everyone that walks into our locksmith shop. If you cannot come to us we do offer services to most zip codes like Houston 77058, 77059, 77062, League City 77573, Dickinson 77539, Friendswood 77546, Webster 77598, Nassau Bay 77058, Seabrook 77586, La Porte 77571 and many other areas.

Our main shop location is in League City so we can usually offer same day services for lost car key replacements, rekey locks and safe openings. We do offer 24 hour emergency locksmith services for cars and houses in the greater Clear Lake area, if you are locked out. We welcome all customers to come by our shop location and get to know us in person. We have had a local shop location in the Clearlake Houston area for over 15 years. We have cut thousands of keys and rekeyed thousands of locks in this area.