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"We unlock all safes when the combination has been lost, forgotten or malfunctioned. Opening and repairing safes is our specialty. Over the years we have opened thousands of safes with keypads and dials. We service commercial and residential safes."  Gun safes and home safes seem to be a weekly call for our safe opening service.

We stock new safe locks and will install them for you if yours has malfunctioned. Safe brands like Cannon, Stack-On, Amsec, Winchester, Guar-dall, Champion, Red Head, Liberty, Cabela's, Hollon are no problem for our safe specialists. All safes will have some type of security lock on it, some use locks and keys. Depending on the type of lock you have it may need to drilled to get it opened and repaired afterward. Most of the time we can open keypad locks without drilling, which is better for you and less expensive.

What Does It Mean To Drill Open A Safe?

If we need to drill we will do our best to only drill under the dial ring which will be easy to repair and never show any visible blemish or repair. We will remove the dial with a puller, then remove the dial ring. Next we will drill a small hole into the lock case.Then we will use a scope to see inside and slowly dial the combination while watching the combination wheels turn to the open position.

What if I have a dial on my safe and I want a keypad instead?

This happens all the time, dials give many customers problems when trying to get their safe open. In most cases we can retrofit a new keypad in the same place your dial is, without making any new holes. All safes have the same purpose, to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. So if a keypad will make it easier for you then that is what you should use.



Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We have over 50 combined years as professional safe opening locksmiths. There are many different safe dials and electronic keypads used to open the safe. We have dealt with them all over the years. Here are some of the more popular safe lock dial brand names we are familiar with:

  • Sargent & Greenleaf

  • Lagard

  • Ilco

  • Big Red

  • Sentry

  • Stack-On

Each safe dial lock comes with different models, colors, finishes, ratings and features. Some have three numbers in the combination and some have four.

Electronic Key Pads

With the invention of electronic keypads it almost seems as if the old dial locks are becoming replaced and thrown away. There are several great keypads used for opening locked safes. We recommend only using:

  • Amsec ESL10

  • Lagard Basic 

  • S&G

  • Securam



Professional Locksmith 

We offer many locksmith company services at our shop location. They include safe opening, automotive locksmith services, commercial locksmith services and residential locksmith services. Over the past 20 years in League City TX. we have helped thousands of customers. We have a local car key shop and many customers come by our League City Texas shop location for service.

We offer many products and services. Including transponder keys cut for cars, new lock installations on residential and commercial buildings. We have years of actual experience with locks and keys.

You can call us for door lock repairs, high security locks installed, door lock rekeys and just about anything to do with locks and keys.


There are two popular safe locks on most safes today, one is a dial and the other is a keypad. Safe combination dials require you to dial the combination to line up the wheels inside the lock box. When the correct wheels line up you can throw the handle or spokes (depending on the type of safe) in order to open the safe.

Highly trained safe locksmith can manipulate the dials by feel to open the safe vault. If manipulation is not an option then the next option is to drill and repair the safe. Many dials are very dependable but sometimes they can malfunction. If they do malfunction we can drill and replace the dial.


Safe keypads are usually easier and faster to use when opening a safe. You simply type in your code and you and throw the bolts to the open position. If the code has been lost we can still gain entry to your safe. In most cases we can open safes with keypads with no damage.

If they need to be drilled we can almost always repair the safe and install a new keypad.


If your safe door is open you may be able to lift the door off the hinges and bring it to the shop for repairs. As long as the door is open you are in control, but as soon as the door locks shut it will need to be drilled to get inside then repair.

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