Safe Opening Service Houston Texas

We open safes and depending on the type of safe we can also repair it. If you have a safe and it is locked closed we can help. Safes are a great way to keep your important papers, guns, money and expensive jewelry locked up and safe from sticky fingered people.

The old saying goes "A safe is to keep honest people honest". If your valuables are inside a safe then they are safer than sitting on your kitchen counter for sure. Also, it helps if nobody knows where the safe is located.

What If My Safe Is Locked Closed? What Can I Do?

Some times a safe lock will malfunction, how will you know if it is a malfunction? If you have the working safe combination and it is not working to open your safe then something is wrong. The combination dial or the electronic keypad should work every time you need to open your gun safe, home safe or commercial safe.

Our professional safe locksmith service is happy to come and open your safe, find and fix any problems you have and do safe repairs to put the safe back into a working condition. We install dials and electronic keypads every week, so we can help.

If your safe has a dial and you want to have an electronic keypad instead we can help. Safe keypads have many more options and features than combination dials. They are a great addition to many safes.

Safe Tech Tips

  1. Buy a bigger safe than you think you need. You will always put more stuff inside and it is better to have more room than not enough.

  2. Always get a safe that is heavy. It would surprise you how many safes are stolen right out of a house or business by a couple thieves just picking it up and taking it to open somewhere else.

  3. Always bolt down the safe wherever you have it. A safe bolted to a concrete slab is a great way to keep that safe from being stolen.

  4. If you have a problem with a safe, do not call an automotive locksmith. Safe technicians work on safes.