Rekey Locks Commercial Locksmiths & Residential Locksmiths

We rekey pin tumbler locks everyday. There are many kinds of locks and we have rekey kits for them all. We remove the door lock, then remove the lock cylinder and change the combination of pins and springs inside. Then we reassemble the locking mechanism.

If somebody had copies of your keys they will no longer work anymore. If you have multiple locks this will be less expensive. This is better than taking a trip to a hardware store and replacing your locks.

Commercial Locksmith Rekey Service

We rekey commercial locks all the time. We offer commercial rekey service for League City, Friendswood, Dickinson, Webster, Houston, Texas City, Nassau Bay and surrounding areas.

Call us anytime for emergency rekey service. Especially if an employee quits or get fired on bad terms.

If they had a master key to the building they can come back anytime they want. It just makes good sense to rekey. Commercial businesses do not want a bad ex-employee on their property.

We also replace commercial locks if they are not working properly. Commercial locks brands are always more expensive than residential locks. They are made for heavier use and usually will last longer than residential locks will.

Residential Rekey Service

Residential rekey lock service is more common and usually always an emergency. We rekey residential locks and will be happy to come to your house and secure your property. Some of the lock brands we service on residential properties are Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, Defiant and anything else on the market.

We rekey them all. If you want to buy new locks we can rekey and install them for you. These day everyone want to put a push button lock on their front door. We offer this service and will be happy to help you.