Open My Gun Safe In League City Texas

If you own a gun in League City Texas you probably have a gun safe. The days of putting your pistol in a gym sock under your bed are gone. There are to many factors to deal with, from break-ins to kids getting your loaded pistol.

As with everything else sometimes you cannot open the safe for one reason or another. Many new safes come with a keypad on it instead of a combination locked dial.

One simple reason for a keypad to not work is dead batteries. It is a quick fix, just by replacing the battery.

If a new battery does not fix the electronic lock you can call the safe manufacturer with the serial number and see if they have an override code to gain access. If you have tried both of these suggestions and the key pad no longer works, you can call a locksmith who offers safe services.

Key pads on safes are not the same as other keypads such as a garage door keypad. Garage door openers wait for the correct code from the keypad to open the door. Safe key pads do not open the safe, most safes open only after you physically retract the safe bolts by turning the handle.

If the key pad still beeps but does not allow you to throw the bolts you need safe repair.

We open locked safes! We service League City TX, Friendswood TX, Dickinson TX and the greater Clear lake Houston area. Keypads and combination dials, we can open them all.

We also drill and repair safes if needed. If you want to turn the dial to open your safe in Friendswood Texas we can install a new dial.