Duplicate Motorcycle Keys, League City Texas

Motorcycles have been around for over one hundred years. They are a great way to experience the freedom of the open road. Like everything else driving up and down the road motorcycles have ignition keys.

Key duplication of motorcycle spare keys is one of our specialties. It is easier and cheaper to get a spare key than replace lost keys.

I Lost My Motorcycle Keys, What Should I Do Now?

Losing your key chain is always a bad experience. If you call your dealership and give them proof of ownership they ay be able to help. It can be time consuming but dealers can replace your lost key with a key code. They will get the code from your vehicle identification number.

Sometimes the key code can be on the ignition cylinder. The ignition cylinder code will usually produce a working key that fits the entire bike. Your only other alternative would be to replace the ignition cylinder.

We Can Replace Lost Motorcycle Keys

At Liberty Locksmith in League City Texas, we replace lost motorcycle keys onsite. You can also tow your motorcycle to our shop location. Don't worry we can replace your lost keys and get you back on the road quickly.

We keep many motorcycle key blanks in stock, including Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and many others.

Key Broken Inside Ignition Switch

Sometimes a key can get damaged and actually brake inside of the locks on the motorcycle. We can extract the broken keys and make new keys. Our shop is located in League City Texas inside the League City Plaza.

Our address is 176 Gulf Freeway South Ste. A-3 League City Texas 77573. Call us at 281-334-7233 for service or just come by our shop 8-5 Mon-Fri 9-12.