Liberty Locksmith Shop Opens Locked Safes

Liberty Locksmith offers many services from automotive locksmith service to residential locksmith safe opening. We are the trusted locksmiths in League City Texas. Our full service locksmith shop is located at 176 Gulf Freeway South Ste. A-3, League City Texas 77573.

All safe doors have many things in common, they will have an electronic locks or combination dial on the door. High security safe locks will always be more secure and have UL ratings which will be on a sticker on the inside of the door, along with the serial number.

What if my Liberty safe locking mechanism will not unlock anymore?

All safes will have some type of security lock on it, some have locks and keys. Depending on the type of lock you have it may need to drilled and repaired afterward. We can open many keypads locks without drilling which is better for you and less expensive.

If we need to drill we will do our best to only drill under the dial ring which will be easy to repair and never show any visible repair. We will remove the dial with a puller, then remove the dial ring. Next we will drill a quarter inch hole into the lock case.

Then we will use a scope to see inside and slowly dial the combination while watching the combination wheels turn to the open position.

What if I have a dial on my safe and I want a keypad instead?

This happens all the time, dials give many customers problems when trying to get their safe open. In most cases we can retrofit a new keypad in the same place your dial is, without making any new holes. All safes have the same purpose, to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. So if a keypad will make it easier for you then that is what you should use.