Liberty Lock Shop Replace Lost Car Keys

At Liberty Lock Shop we specialize in lost car keys replaced. Whether onsite or at our shop location in League City Texas we make replacement keys. Some Volkswagen models have special key programming when losing your car keys. If you need Volkswagen keys replacement we can help!

We can replace car keys onsite for many makes and models. Including new Ford, Chevy, Honda, Nissan, VW keys, BMW, Range Rover, Land Rover keys, Mercedes, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, Dodge, Infiniti, Fiat and many more.

Spare Car Keys Cut & Programmed

If you need spare BMW keys we can help! Remote key fobs like the one you find on Rover car keys, Ford cars and Volkswagen Passat keys are no problem for us. The smart keys you find on new cars, that allow keyless entry are also our specialty.

The key remote is actually the key blank. You walk up to the vehicle and just pull the handle to unlock the car. You can gain access to your vehicle without cutting the key and inserting into the keyhole. Land Rover Range Rover keys are this way and we program them in just a few minutes.

Spare Keys Can Be Costly

At our Locksmith car key shop in League City Texas we are always trying to give our customers a better deal on keys than the Car Dealer will.

For instance, the local Ford Dealer in Dickinson Texas charges $350 for a spare Focus key. Our is priced around $85. They will want an appointment and keep you car for a couple hours while you wait. From start to finish you will be driving down the road in 20 minutes with us.

Ford keys are always in stock and this is just one comparison. We want your car key business in League City and surrounding areas. Call us today at 281-334-7233 or text us a picture of your existing key with year, make and model for a price.