Gun Safe Opening & Safe Service Houston

If you lost your combination or your gun safe will not open with the correct combination or code we can help you. Liberty locksmith specializes in opening locked safes. We can open locked gun safes with electronic lock key pads and safe dials. Our gun safe services cover all fire rated and burglary rated gun safes.

Some of the name brands we have worked on include Amsec, Homack, Browning, Liberty, Mesa, Winchester, Stack-on, Sentry, Cannon. Cannon gun safes, Winchester gun safes, Browning Gun safes, Liberty gun safes and Stack-on are some of the major brands you will find at any sporting goods store. All these brands will come with safe key pads or open by turning the dial.

Big box store will sell these with some kind of fire protection, up to 2.5 hours and some even have a lifetime warranty.

Gun Safes Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Browning safes make huge Browning gunsafes that will hold up 50 long guns. They also have little floor safes that will hold only one pistol. Cannon Safes also have small gun cabinets you can use as your home safe.

All these safes have serial numbers. All of these companies usually will make a safe then put a well known name on it to sell at a higher price. Winchester Safe Company, Liberty Safe and others will put another name on their safe. For instance Cabela's and Bass Pro sell safes but they are rebadged to fit their stores brands.

The size, shape, name on the outside means nothing to us. We can open them all quickly.

Gun Safe Opening Specialists

We have opened thousands of gun safes over the years. We love helping people just like you. It is never a good experience being locked out of your gun safe.

Our safe technician will not destroy your your gun safe. Most safes can be opened in less than 30 minutes. If the safe lock needs to be drilled to open the door we can replace the lock put the safe back in use.