Commercial Lock Repair League City Texas

Commercial lock repair can cover so many different lock brands. From panic exit devices to fire rated doors. Most business owners have no idea about what they have on their building.

All they know is the lock works or the lock does not work.

Professional locksmiths will diagnose problems and fix them onsite. If your panic bar is not working when pushed, the fire marshall will start writing tickets. Commercial locksmiths work on all push bars.

New lock installation for business locks usually take around 30 minutes. Each door lock is different and may require different locksmith services to get it installed.

League City Fire Marshall just did an inspection and requires different locks, what should I do?

Liberty Locksmith professional service can help! We install new panic bars on doors. If you need locks removed and holes filled we can help. We highly recommend putting on locksmith security locks.

My front door closes to slowly and will open by the wind, can you help?

Yes we can help with this problem. We can adjust the door to close the right way. If the door closer is the problem we can install a new one on your door.

I want more security for my back door on my business, what can be done?

We can add security bars to the inside of the door. This bar installs to the inside of the door and uses the door jam itself as security. It is like a grill guard or brush guard on a truck.

When the trucks front bumper hits something on the bull bar it protects the push bumper.

This security bar protects against entry by using the inside door jam for strength against pulling it open.

What commercial locks do we work on?

The short answer is all. We work on all locks big and small. With over 50 combined years of experience we have seen it all.