Automotive Locksmith Services & Car Keys

Liberty Locksmith has always been an expert in car key replacements when all car keys have been lost or stolen. Simply put if you need to call a locksmith because you have lost your car keys or get locked out of your car, we can help!

Not all car locksmiths are the same!

Some may only do emergency locksmith service or road service, usually they have no idea how to generate a car key from scratch, but can pump open your car door and open the door with a long rod.

Car lockouts can be a terrible experience, we can help you when you have locked your keys inside your car. We have helped thousands of people get back into their car in the greater Clear lake Houston area.

Some “scam locksmiths” are known as “code-smith contractors”, they have no knowledge of what they are doing and no real experience but a Youtube video. They will cut a key from a code they get from the VIN number on your vehicle.

If for any reason the code does not work they will still charge you. This is the end of their job as they see it. This is known as a scam.

If you are paying somebody for a service and they show up unable to complete the job they should not be paid. Be aware of these scams.

Spare Car Keys & Transponder Key Programming

Need a replacement key? How about a replacement car remote and key? We cut and program transponder keys and remotes daily! Our response times are fast and you will be happy you came by our League City locksmith shop.

If you would like to buy your own remote fobs at the online hardware store known as Amazon we will program them for you. Just bring the programming instructions, the car and the key that unlocks the doors. We will turn the key in the ignition and program it for you.