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We Unlock Houses & Cars

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With our years of experience we can unlock your car or house. Our clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.



24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

24 hour locksmith services are always needed when you are locked out of a car. Many roadside assistance companies will come and help you also. There are many locksmith services we offer that go way beyond being locked out of a house.

Every guy with a slim jim is not a locksmith. Anyone can open a car door when locked, your car door may be dented and scratched but the door will get opened.

When you call a real locksmith in Texas they must be licensed by the State. There are tests, background checks and fingerprints are taken. Every legit locksmith by law must carry an identification card with them. Ask them to show it if you have a bad feeling.

Call A Locksmith When Keys In The Car

Locked out? Call us! 281-334-7233 we are always happy to help in emergency lockout situations. If you do not have cash in your pocket we are happy to let you pay with a credit card.

24 Hr. House Lockout Service

Most of the time when you are locked out of your house, it will happen at night. You will open the door and walk outside and boom, the door closes and you are stranded outside. The door locking mechanisms have just done their job. You now know the home security of your front door is working.

Our licensed mobile locksmith can come to you and help. We will unlock the door and let you back into your house without any damage. Then we will cut you a spare key that you can hide outside or give to a neighbor. Always have a spare house key, you will always be able to get back inside.

24 HR Residential And Commercial Rekey Lock Service

If you need to rekey your locks because somebody has keys, we can help. We will come onsite and remove the doorknobs and deadbolts and rekey them. The old key will no longer work and a new key will.

We rekey commercial locks also and offer new lock installations too. If you have a home office we can rekey it to match your front door lock. The lock may need to be replaced depending on the type of lock.

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