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Door Lock repairs in League City Texas

Many people have lock problems today. One common problem is the weather. If the lock dries out you need to lubricate the lock.

Years ago people would just squirt graphite into the keyhole. Then work the graphite into the lock pushing the key in and out of the lock cylinder.

Fast forward years later to today and graphite is one of the worst things to squirt into the keyhole. The pins, springs, wafers and other working parts are very small, putting graphite inside will clog up the lock and cause the lock to no longer turn.

Today locks are lubricated with Teflon based sprays. The spray will lube all the parts and last for months in the hot League City Texas summer. A little spray goes a long way so use it sparingly. You can handle back door lock problems the same way.

Lock And Key Emergency Service

If your lock fails and leaves you locked out of your house in League City Texas, we can help. We actually have a shop location in League City and are happy to help in any way we can. We also can help if:

Locked out of house in Friendswood Texas

Locked out of house in Dickinson Texas

Locked out of house in Webster Texas

Locksmith Services To Rekey Door Locks

Many times if you have extremely worn out keys the lock will not turn. A quick way to fix this problem is to rekey the lock with a rekeying kit. Depending if you have the right kit for the lock brands you have on your house.

If rekeying the lock does not fix the problem then new lock installation would be required. It is simple to remove the lock from the door. Start by removing the screws from the door frame, strike plate, latch plate and edge of the door.

The side of the door will be the door latch or deadbolt latch, depending on the lock you are working on.

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